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Lean Manufacturing Principles

According to Wikipedia, “lean is centered around creating more value with less work.” Lean manufacturing is basically creating a more streamlined process where we learn from our mistakes and reduce waste – whether physical waste or wasted time. It uses… Read more »

Xerox Corp’s Continued R&D Efforts

There was an interesting article posted on the Canadian Business website yesterday about the Xerox corporation, and their continued dedication to R&D efforts despite the fact that they’ve had to make cutbacks everywhere else: The company is freezing salaries and… Read more »

“Real People” friendly

Over the weekend, I came across a blog post about whether our blogs are “Real People” friendly, and that got me to thinking. Yes, it’s important that our blogs are “real people” friendly… but so is everything that we use… Read more »

Research In Motion’s Quarterly Results

I don’t know about you, but hearing about all of the negative news about companies doing poorly, laying off employees, going bankrupt or closing makes me very much depressed. So it makes news like this all the more encouraging: today’s… Read more »

10 Quick Tips to Beating Stress

There is a lot of pressure on people in businesses these days. The recession is making it a lot harder for some businesses to survive, and that can put A LOT of stress on the best of us. A little… Read more »

Online Networking for Businesses

Media has been all abuzz about online social networking in the past couple of years. While it has been around in some form or another since the early 90s, it wasn’t until sites like MySpace hit that people really started… Read more »