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Why do you need an SR&ED Consultant?

Nortel is in the news again! A giant in the IT Industry and Canada’s one time largest employer have been force to sell off it’s assets due to bankruptcy. This time it is their wireless network infrastructure to Nokia Siemens… Read more »

Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

We’ve spoken a bit about continuous improvement on our blog, but we haven’t yet talked about WHY exactly it is important for manufacturers, and how exactly you can apply it to your business. As a brief reminder, continuous improvement is… Read more »

The June Thaw

Living in Canada, in almost every province, we are all very familiar with the January thaw. It is that wonderful time in the middle of the winter when the snow banks melt and you hope that it might not snow… Read more »

Good Documentation in SR&ED Claims

Thorough documentation is a necessity when making an SR&ED claim. Good documentation proves to the CRA reviewers who are looking into your claim that you have done all the work to get through the technical obstacles that you claim to… Read more »

Article in Exchange Magazine

One of our Business Development Managers has had an article in the June edition of Exchange Magazine about how the SRED program can be used to help improve your business’s bottom line. You can read this article here.

The Small Project Accelerated Review Process

The Industrial Research Assistance Program that the National Research Council of Canada has (NRC-IRAP) has long been of assistance to companies in Canada who need funding for research purposes. About a month ago, NRC-IRAP announced a new review process: the… Read more »