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How to Outperform a Mutual Fund

Many investors don’t realize that stock market indices, throughout the history of the stock market, have outperformed the average mutual fund. Very few mutual funds are able to consistently outperform indices throughout the course of time because: They charge high… Read more »

“It’s the Economy, Stupid”

With a federal election just around the corner, Canada is experiencing weakest GDP growth in almost 17 years.  The deteriorating health of the Canadian economy is reflected in recent polls, in which Canadians now rank the economy ahead of health care… Read more »

Manufacturing Success During Tough Economic Times

Rising oil prices, poor currency exchange, and a sagging US economy have contributed to a decline in the Canadian manufacturing industry.  More and more products have been outsourced abroad, which has further contributed to the sagging fortunes of manufacturing companies… Read more »

Canada Barely Avoids Recession

Canada narrowly avoided a recession in the first half of this year as the economy (GDP, or Gross Domestic Product) edged up by a weaker-than-expected rate of 0.3 per cent in the second quarter, following a revised 0.8 per cent… Read more »

What Work Qualifies for SR&ED

When deciding whether to gather sr&ed information and make a sr&ed claim many companies often wonder what types of work qualifies for sr&ed tax credits. A sr&ed project is defined by the Canadian Revenue Agency as “a set of interrelated… Read more »

R&D is booming in Alberta

Most Canadian provinces top-up the federally-funded Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit.  In the past, Alberta has trailed the rest of Canada in its support of research and development.  Up until now.  It seems that Alberta has finally caught up with the… Read more »

2008/2009 Canadian Economic Forecast

Source: Outlook for 2008-09 The current Conservative government is likely to survive its full term to October 2009. The Economist Intelligence Unit expects the next election to return another Conservative minority government. The opposition Liberal Party\’s new environmental policy… Read more »

Effort Vs Return

From the Ask an Expert Mailbag! The question, are SR&ED Tax Credits worth the effort you put into them? Here we try to answer that all important question. Preparing a sred claim can be a time consuming process requiring the… Read more »

Manufacturing News

B&W Canada gets contract for 8 replacement steam generators for Bruce Nuclear Power Plant. Goodyear to open Retread Plant. Trend in construction, mining, forestry 7 recycling industries have prompted Goodyear Canada Inc to open a plant in North Bay, On… Read more »