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How can you calculate your SR&ED claim?

Have you ever wondered how much you would be eligible to claim for the SR&ED program? You may think that you wouldn’t get enough back to justify making the claim in the first place – after all, claiming on your… Read more »

Bank of Canada Presents Strategy to Boost Economy

In its most recent monetary policy report, the Bank of Canada presented possible means to strengthen the currently feeble Canadian economy. The central bank did not offer any solid dedications, but said it could choose to pursue more “unconventional” avenues,… Read more »

Aerospace Sector Soars Above Economic Turmoil

The aerospace and defense industry is one of the few sectors in manufacturing that is currently not only surviving but thriving amid the recession, despite the grim predictions  for job losses and bankruptcies among other Canadian manufacturers, plummeting oil prices,… Read more »

The Importance of Customer Service

What do you think of when you hear the term “Customer Service”? The first things that come to my mind are retail jobs and call centres. But, if you think about it, pretty much everything that you do at work… Read more »

SR&ED for Public Companies

Usually when we talk about claiming for SR&ED, we talk about how it affects CCPCs. For this reason, I wanted to touch specifically on public companies today. In the future, I will also be dedicating posts specifically to partnerships, foreign-owned… Read more »

Complimentary Breakfast Seminar

SR&ED in Canada: Helping you capitalize on YOUR innovation On Thursday, May 14th, we will be holding a complimentary breakfast seminar in Mississauga, Ontario. We will be covering the importance of claiming for SR&ED and how it can benefit your… Read more »