Fund Description

SD Tech Fund is aimed at supporting the late-stage development and pre-commercial demonstration of clean technology solutions that address climate change and improve the productivity and the global competitiveness of the Canadian industry.

Funding Details

The fund will provide up to 50% of eligible project costs.

Eligible Expenditures

Eligible project costs include:

  • All goods and services and professional and technical personnel costs required to plan and conduct the scientific, technical, environmental, management and/or reporting activities directly related to the project
  • Capital items that have no residual value beyond the period of funding of the eligible project and are specifically required for the delivery of the project
  • The depreciation expense for the period of funding of capital items that have an enduring commercial value accrued to an individual organization beyond the funding period
  • Feasibility studies pertaining to the eligible project

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants should have expertise in sustainable development technology and be part of a project consortium. Eligible projects must focus on the development and demonstration of new technologies that address issues of climate change, clean air, water and soil quality. The projects must be undertaken primarily in Canada.