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Communication Breakdown

The reason many relationships personal and professional can fail is due to a breakdown in communication. The line of communication you choose to get your message across to potential customers is vital. Unlike other traditional methods of communication like telephone,… Read more »

More for the case of SR&ED

As of June 27, 2006 the federal government announced it has put more on the case! The case of course is the SR&ED Tax Credit Program. Federal Budget Commitments have increased funding for the programs capacity and level of service… Read more »

Review brings sales to you

On a recent sales call and noticing that my driving time takes up a greater part of the day, I started to go over what I was going to say in my meeting. I do this, as a routine because… Read more »

Hidden Innovation

I have been working on an idea for my first blog post. I have been looking on business sites and learning about innovative ideas in the marketplace. I looked at serious social issues, world trade issues and nothing has hit… Read more »

Cutting costs without sacrificing the future

In times of recession, many companies cut down on costs.  But unless you’re facing bankruptcy, cutting costs may come at the cost of sacrificing future sales.  For instance, to make the bottom line look better, you could always downsize R&D efforts. … Read more »