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Different types of CRA Reviews

After you’ve filed your SR&ED claim, there is a bit of a waiting period before you will hear back from the CRA. When that waiting period is done, one of two things may happen – you may hear that your… Read more »

10 Quick Tips to Stay Organized

With all this talk about improving your productivity and keeping yourself on top of your workload, one is forced to consider their organization methods. While some of your methods may be highly effective, there are probably a few that are… Read more »

Handling Difficult Co-Workers

Everyone is different, which makes it hard to determine the best way to deal with someone. If you’re having difficulty with a person, the best way to help is consider who you’re dealing with, and go from there. Types of… Read more »

R&D Tracking

There seems to be an endless amount of paperwork required to keep a successful business operating efficiently and effectively these days. With all of the different regulatory, industry association requirements and internal documents to deal with, adding another heap of… Read more »

Company: No time to take time!

An article was brought to my attention by one of my colleagues that I think makes plenty of sense. The Globe And Mail recently wrote an article called Information-rich and attention poor, on how we as a society have an… Read more »

Ontario Research and Development Tax Credit

There’s still a lot of talk about what tax harmonization means for those conducting businesses in Ontario. (As a refresher – GST and PST will be combined into a new HST, which will result in businesses being charged slightly more… Read more »

Improving Productivity in the Office

Whether we choose to admit it or not, people are easily distracted. Often something pops into our head and completely redirects our focus. I personally can become distracted mid-sentence by remembering something I forgot to do the night before. Since… Read more »

Professionalism in E-mail

E-mail is the most common method of communication among business professionals today. It allows people to communicate with numerous people from various organizations regarding many different topics. This saves countless hours for many people, ultimately making the business more efficient.… Read more »