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A Look at 2008 Holiday Season Sales

Stores opened even before the crack of dawn, but many Boxing Day shoppers were lining up as early as the night before, some admittedly even forsaking Christmas dinners to be first in line and take advantage of the savings. As… Read more »

Economist Scales Back Dread Meter

Things may seem bleak at the present; however, the Canadian economy will eventually recover.  Dungan and Steve Murphy at the Policy and Economic Analysis Program expect that the Canadian governnment will run deficits for a few years and they urge Ottawa not to repeat… Read more »

Seven Keys To Management Success

To be an effective manager, certain “ingredients” must be present to enhance your Emotional Intelligence and to create key skills that will eventually lead to improvements in both employee and customer development.  This will ultimately lead to your organizational success. First,… Read more »

Housing Prices Tumble in Metropolitan Canada

It was bound to happen.  Housing prices are beginning to fall in metropolitan Canada.  In the Greater Toronto Area, housing prices have tumbled the first time in over a decade, down by 3% from last year’s levels.  Average existing home… Read more »