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Reader Question: Can NPOs Claim SR&ED?

We have had some people contact us with a question about whether non profit organizations (NPOs) can claim for the SR&ED program. The short answer is, unfortunately no. However – corporate clients or partners can. Why is this? The CRA… Read more »

Complimentary Breakfast Seminar

Join us on September 17th for a complimentary breakfast seminar! Seminar will be held at the McMaster Innovation Park. This seminar is of no cost to you, but the information you will receive is invaluable! Are you aware of how… Read more »

Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show

Northbridge Consultants will be attending the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show this fall. The show runs from October 19th through October 22nd. Come and visit us at booth #30029.

Creating a Lean Implementation Plan

A while back, I posed about Lean Manufacturing Principles. Today I wanted to go a little bit more in depth with how you can prepare a Lean implementation plan. First of all, let’s take a look at what exactly a… Read more »

Market Research – Why?

The general purpose of market research is to provide the organization with relevant, accurate information about it’s consumers and the competitive environment. This benefits a company in many aspects of the business, and can ultimately save the company time, effort… Read more »

Lean Manufacturing Tip: Takt Time

We’ve spoken about Lean Manufacturing many times on our blog, and it’s a term that most people are familiar with. There are many different ways that lean manufacturing can be implemented in a business; Takt Time is one of the… Read more »

10 Quick Tips to a Safer Workplace

Workplace safety should be a top priority for all businesses. Not only do you want to protect your employees from injuries, but it can also be quite expensive for compensation towards any injured parties. There are some simple ways that… Read more »