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What about failed projects?

We often tell people that failed projects are embraced by the SRED program, and sometimes it can be a little hard to understand exactly why. I mean, isn’t the program meant to promote innovation, and to encourage technological development? If… Read more »

Trailblazing or Treading Water?

With 2009 officially over, it’s time to look back on your year. While there’s no argument that this year was a hard one, the best thing you can do for yourself (and your business) is to consider your year from… Read more »

Canada’s Anti-Spam Bill

It looks like Canada’s finally getting onto the Spam protection bandwagon – and about time, if you ask me. Bill C-27 will now be debated in the Senate, after being passed by the House of Commons. This bill states that… Read more »

Your Marketing Mix – The 4 P’s

When starting a new business or creating a new product, few people seriously consider what the correct steps to doing so is. Many people assume that if you produce something and ship it to stores, it will sell. What they… Read more »

Recovery of Economy

According to a release from TD Economics today, the world economy is expected to expand by 3.8% in 2010. While this is positive, they also mention that the road to recovery will not happen easily, or overnight. While the recovery… Read more »

RBC Canadian Consumer Outlook Results

The Royal Bank of Canada polls Canadian consumers regularly. Today, the results for the most recent poll were released. We’ve heard a lot in the news that the economy is getting better, but there’s been debate over whether it actually… Read more »

SR&ED & foreign-owned companies

Canadian companies definitely have an advantage when it comes to research and development tax credits. Canada is rated among the Top G20 countries when it comes to Research and Development. The government encourages Canadian companies to do their research in… Read more »

What if you get other government grants and loans?

With the number of government grants, loans and other assistance available, we have frequently been asked whether companies can still file for the SR&ED program if they’re taking advantage of other assistance programs. There are so many different programs available:… Read more »