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Federal Budget Highlights

The 2010 Federal Budget was announced last Thursday, March 4th, and it looks like the government is on track with the Economic Action Plan. Although it will still be some time before Canada sees a full recovery, we are headed… Read more »

Leading up to the 2010 Federal Budget

The past year and a half has seen trying times for many businesses across all industries. Companies have been forced to drastically cut costs to stay alive, and many are dependent on the outcome of the upcoming Federal Budget to… Read more »

A little bit of Northbridge History

We stumbled across an article in an old volume of Exchange Magazine profiling our CEO, Sol Algranti. Before forming NorthBridge, Sol worked in the manufacturing industry for many years, where he learned about the SR&ED program and how to successfully… Read more »

10 Quick Tips for Networking

Arrive at any networking events early, and stay late. The majority of the networking typically happens after or before an event takes place. If you arrive early, you can both prepare yourself mentally for the event and meet those others… Read more »

Canada gets D for innovation

The Conference Board of Canada issued a report on Tuesday on the state of Canada’s innovative abilities. Unfortunately, although we have the world’s best R&D funding program, we do not seem to rank very well on the global scale of… Read more »

Additional Funding Sources

Northbridge Consultants is the industry leader in maximizing monetary gains for Canadian Businesses through the Federal SR&ED Program. We accomplish this by identifying more SRED-eligible projects, and by supporting our clients every step of the way (from the time we… Read more »

Surviving Foreign Competition

Aggressive offshore competition isn’t new to us here. Let’s face it – it can be tough to survive when products similar to yours can be purchased for a fraction of the price from a company that doesn’t even operate in… Read more »

Upcoming Seminar

Join us on February 11th, 2010 at the Thornhill Golf and Country Club for a complimentary breakfast and an introduction to the SR&ED program. Learn how you can benefit from a program that annually provides over $4 billion to companies… Read more »

Upcoming Changes to the SR&ED Program

A press release has been issued about some upcoming changes to the SR&ED program. A few points mentioned by Minister Blackburn today, while addressing the 13th Annual Tax Practitioner Information Session, relate to upcoming changes to the SR&ED program: starting… Read more »