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Canadian Business Grants

Non-repayable funding is available to Canadian businesses through grant programs offered by the Canadian government and other corporations. Canadian business grants are targeted direct funding programs, intended to foster specific economic and business growth objectives across targeted sectors. Grants are generally released within a limited timeframe and are meant for projects that are in concept phases. With limited total funds to be allocated, accessing business grants can be a competitive process.

Pursuing business grant opportunities requires a proficiency in program compliance, reporting and business and growth projections. Successful grant proposals clearly articulate objectives and position potential project benefits to fit the program. Each Canadian grant program is intended to grow the economy and create jobs within concentrated fields, including manufacturing, export initiatives, information technology, clean technology and digital media.

At NorthBridge, we identify opportunities and alert you of Canadian business grant programs tailored to your business objectives and sector, and work alongside your company to position projects and goals and produce impactful proposals. Our expertise in grant submissions will enable your company to maximize funding opportunities, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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Our current issue focuses on how to best utilize funding programs that are available to small and medium sized enterprises to help achieve your business' goals, how to improve your company's innovation, and ways on how to offset a bit of the cost from hiring new workers.