Funding Snapshot

  • Refundable tax credit
  • Focused on supporting video game industry in Quebec
  • Accepts applications each taxation year

Fund Description

The Production of Multimedia Titles (Production de titres multim├ędias; PMT) Tax Credit is a measure intended to foster development of the video game industry and certain distribution platforms in Quebec.

Funding Details

Eligible applicants can receive tax credit rates of:

  • 5% for a non-professional training French title which is intended to be marketed
  • 30% for a non-professional training title which is not in French and which is intended to be marketed
  • 25% for any other titles, including vocational training titles

Eligible Expenditures

Eligible work includes all work necessary for the production of the multimedia title, including writing, design, development of interactive structure, online development, system architecture, and optimization.

Eligible labour expenditures include salaries and wages paid to eligible employees as well as a portion of amounts paid to a subcontractor.

Eligibility Requirements

  • An eligible multimedia title must:
    • Be published on an electronic medium
    • Be controlled by software allowing interactivity
    • Contain a substantial amount of three of the following four types of information: text, sound, still images and animated images.


    To be eligible for the tax credit, the corporation must:

    • Have an establishment in Quebec
    • Produce eligible multimedia titles

Program Run

PMT is a permanent program which accepts applications at the end of each taxation year.