Fund Description

Repayable/recoupable financing for development/production/marketing of Interactive Digital Media products. The convergent stream encourages development of innovative, convergent television and digital media content; the experimental stream encourages development of innovative, interactive digital media content and applications.

Funding Details

Loans of up to $1 million. The convergent stream has a number of programs that span development, production and versioning projects. The experimental stream has three phases:

Development: up to $500,000 repayable advance
Production: up to $1M recoupable investment
Marketing & promotion: up to $500,000 recoupable advance

Eligible Expenditures

Eligible expenditures under the experimental stream can include:

  • Research and preparation of content;
  • Salaries and benefits/wages/contracts for project teams;
  • Technology infrastructure;
  • Expenses to put content online, including copyright clearance, documentation, design and development, translation costs;
  • Travel and accommodation;
  • Project audit fees;
  • Marketing and promotion.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible companies will be for-profit, Canadian-controlled Canadian corporations with a head office based in Canada OR A Canadian broadcaster, public or private, that is licensed to operate as such by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).