Funding Snapshot

  • Non-repayable contributions
  • Focused on supporting digital media production in Ontario
  • Permanent program with annual intake for each program

Fund Description

Ontario Creates Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Fund provides funding to content creators working on projects related to original interactive digital media

The Concept Definition program provides support to early-stage activities which are moving towards the production of market-ready content. This program consists of an Interactive Content (Non-Linear stream), and a Video Content (Linear) stream.

The Production program provides support for the creation of market-ready content that will be released.

Funding Details

Recipients receive a non-repayable contribution of up to $300,000 to a maximum of 50% of the project budget. Applicants may receive $25,000-$300,000 for production costs, and $10,000-$50,000 for concept definition costs. The fund also provides support for up to 50% of marketing costs, with up to $15,000 for international marketing costs and up to $50,000 for general marketing expenditures.

Eligible Expenditures

Eligible expenditures include:

  • Labour
  • Capital
  • Administrative
  • Distribution
  • Promotions
  • Prototype creation
  • Business planning and research

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible a company must:

  • Be a screen-based company that is involved in the creation of complete content products
  • Have demonstrated in-house expertise in the creation of content for interactive platforms, networks or devices
  • Be an Ontario-based organization that is incorporated in Ontario
  • Be a Canadian-owned and -controlled organization
  • Be a private sector, for profit organization
  • Own a minimum of 51% of the copyright of the project being submitted

Eligible products must be:

  • Intended to be experienced by the end user on a digital media platform, network or device that is capable of interactivity and allows users to make decisions and have control over the content
  • Complete within the program timeframe with an intention to release the project via an interactive digital media platform, network or device as the primary distribution channel
  • Intended for use by individuals or groups of individuals; be intended to educate, inform or entertain
  • Consist of a combination of at least two of text, sound (music, sound effects, voice, etc.) and images (pictures, animations, video, etc.
  • Suitable for commercial exploitation

Program Run

Ontario IDM Fund is a permanent fund which has annual intake for the various programs it offers.