Fund Description

Non-repayable contribution for Ontario companies developing interactive digital media products.

Funding Details

Non-repayable contribution of up to $150,000 to a maximum of 50% of the project budget.

Eligible Expenditures

 Labour, capital, administrative, distribution, promotions.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible a company must be:

  • A screen-based company that is involved in the creation of complete content products
  • Have demonstrated in-house expertise in the creation of content for interactive platforms, networks or devices
  • An Ontario-based organization that is incorporated in Ontario
  • A Canadian-owned and -controlled organization
  • A private sector, for profit organization

Eligible products must be:

  • Intended to be experienced by the end user on a digital media platform, network or device that is capable of interactivity and allows users to make decisions and have control over the content
  • Complete with an intention to release the project via an interactive digital media platform, network or device as the primary distribution channel
  • Intended for use by individuals or groups of individuals; be intended to educate, inform or entertain
  • Consist of a combination of at least two of text, sound (music, sound effects, voice, etc.) and images (pictures, animations, video, etc.
  • Suitable for commercial exploitation