Alberta Innovates provides funding and grant opportunities to Alberta-based projects to help drive job creation, support commercialization and market adoption of new technologies, and encourage business growth and development, in addition to support through networking and mentorship. Supporting projects from innovation to marketplace, Alberta Innovates focuses on projects which allow Alberta to remain competitive in the global marketplace, address health needs, and contribute to a sustainable, low-carbon future. The program focuses on supporting key areas of Canada’s innovation economy, including:

  • Agriculture, Forestry & Food (e.g., smart agriculture)
  • Clean Resources (e.g., hydrocarbon products)
  • Emerging Technologies (e.g., AI)
  • Entrepreneurial Investments (e.g., through accelerators and building an entrepreneurial ecosystem)
  • Health Innovation and Platforms (e.g., digital health)

In supporting local innovators, Alberta Innovates aims to improve quality of life for Albertans, cultivate a research and innovation ecosystem, encourage discovery and entrepreneurship, expand the adoption of innovative technologies, and develop Alberta into a global leader in innovation. With annual investments of over $286 million spread out across 50+ programs such as Digital Traction, Renewable and Alternative Energy, Accelerating Innovations into Care, and Bioindustrial Materials, Alberta Innovates provides opportunities to both startups and established companies on a continuous intake. A full list of programs currently offered and their application requirements can be found at this link.