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Funding Solutions for Digital Revolutions

Written by:
Nicolas DesRoches, Technical Writing Team Lead.

In recent years, digital media has all but taken over as the dominant source of entertainment for the general public. Online video sharing sites have taken market share away from conventional television, and movie rentals have plummeted thanks to online streaming services. Beyond increasing public interest in experiencing media digitally, software and digital media companies continue to evolve and revolutionize countless industries in ways ranging from managing inventory and sales systems and automating manufacturing and processing to allowing users to experience augmented, virtual spaces and situations.

As application development and systems integration continue to grow, so too do funding opportunities for this type of innovative and experimental work. Programs such as the SR&ED tax credit program, provincial Digital Media Tax Credit programs, and tech company seeding initiatives encourage and support Canadian companies in their endeavours to make significant contributions to this critical, evolving field. We here at NorthBridge have put together this edition of our newsletter to help shed light on some of these programs and to promote digital development in our neighbourhood.


Nicolas is the Technical Writing Team Lead and acting Editor-in-Chief at NorthBridge Consultants. Nicolas’ years of writing experience with a wide range of audiences ensures he clearly expresses your project goals.

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