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Upcoming Seminar- Leveraging SR&ED to Reduce Patent Application Costs

Exploiting synergies between SR&ED/IRAP and patent applications can save time and resources

Many people don’t realize that significant parallels exist between what is required for a SRED/IRAP filing and for a patent filing. Join experts from Northbridge Consultants, a professional engineering firm and subject matter expert on government funding, and PCK, a leading boutique intellectual property firm, and find out how you can efficiently combine your SRED/IRAP and patent application processes.  The seminar will include a discussion about the requirements for the SRED and IRAP programs, about the fundamentals of intellectual property protection, and about how the application process for each filing can be combined into a single process, allowing you to coordinate actionable tasks within relevant time periods. [ Register now for this free seminar]

When: Thursday, June 23, 2016

Seminar location: 

Treehaus Collaborative Workspace
79 Joseph Street
Kitchener, Ontario

Time: 1pm – 3pm



Andrew Currier, BSEE, LL.B., P.Eng.
Co-Founder and CEO
PCK | Perry + Currier Inc. | Currier + Kao LLP
Ph: 519-883-0035 x109


Gerry Fung, CPA, CMA, P.Eng.
Group Manager, Business Services
NorthBridge Consulting Services Inc.
Ph: 519-623-2486 x242


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Happy Earth Day from NorthBridge!

Earth Day: 5 Quick Facts

1. Each year, on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated by collecting garbage, raising awareness about recycling, volunteering for green projects, reducing the amount of energy people consume and taking collective action towards a better future for our planet.

2. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 as 20 million people gathered in the streets of America to protest the industrial revolution after a devastating oil spill, and is considered to have started the modern environmental movement.

3. The Earth Day flag features a picture of the Earth taken from the Apollo 17 spacecraft on its way to the Moon.

4. April 22, 2016 marks the 46th anniversary of Earth Day and is one of the most important Earth Days in years as leaders from 160 countries officially sign the Paris Climate Agreement.

5. Each year, 6 million Canadians participate in Earth Day. April 22, 2015 marked the launch of ‘Earth Day Every Day‘, which provides an easy-to-use mobile-friendly tool that challenges and rewards people for reducing their environmental impact with the goal of achieving a 20% reduction in Canada’s carbon footprint by 2020.

The NorthBridge team rolled up their sleeves and conducted a garbage clean up in addition to dimming our lights in honour of Earth Day 2016; we collected over 15 bags of garbage!

4 blog this one

To find out how you can contribute please visit ‘Earth Day Every Day‘ or Earth Day Canada.


EMA Program: Important Notice

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has recently released an update to the Export Market Access (EMA) program informing applicants that until further notice, they will only be accepting applications for projects/activities that will be completed before May 31, 2016.

EMA is a $5 million initiative jointly sponsored by the Ontario government and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce which helps small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access and expand their growth in foreign markets.

Further details about this program will be posted as they become available.

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Employee Spotlight: Andrew Ramos

Andrew Ramos joined NorthBridge Consultants last August and has since become an integral part of our team. As a technical writer specializing in grant submissions, he works closely with clients to prepare and compose grant applications for capital purchases, employee training, and trade show attendance. He has worked with clients in both the manufacturing and food processing industries on CME Smart, Yves Landry Fund, and Export Market Access grant applications. For Andrew, the most enjoyable aspect of grant writing is meeting with clients who are working on a variety of different projects and learning about their fields of expertise. He also enjoys being part of a team of knowledgeable, passionate, like-minded individuals at NorthBridge.

Andrew grew up in Bradford, Ontario and currently resides in Cambridge, Ontario. He holds an M.A. in English and Creative Writing from the University of New Brunswick, an Honours B.A. in English and Creative Writing from York University, and a Diploma in Print Journalism from Niagara College. His experience also includes teaching and leading customer service teams. In his spare time, Andrew reads and writes fiction and loses more than his fair share of board games. He is also a fan of baseball and comic books, and maintains firmly that Superman is a better superhero than Batman.

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Top 5 Innovations in March

Innovation is instrumental towards the advancement of our society, the growth of the economy, and the growth of a company. Whether it is through incremental developments or life-saving inventions, the development of new and improved solutions to enhance our lives and our understanding of the world involves dedication, vision and perseverance.

As we continue to make giant strides in science and technology, we constantly draw inspiration from innovations throughout history. Listed below are five innovations that were either designed, tested, implemented, patented, or commercialized in the month of March that have had a significant impact on our society.

  1. March 27, 1790 – Shoe laces were developed and patented by Harvey Kennedy. In addition, March 16, 2016 marks the announcement of Nike’s HyperAdapt 1.0 shoe, which featured adaptive or self-lacing technology.
  2. March 17, 1845 – Stephen Perry patented the first rubber band. His company, the Messers Perry and Co, Rubber Manufacturers of London, was an early manufacturer of vulcanized rubber products.
  3. March 30, 1858 – Hymen Lipman was granted a patent for his development of a pencil with an affixed eraser. The design featured an eraser installed within the wood of the pencil so that both the lead and rubber ends could be sharpened for “making of mathematical, architectural, and many other kinds of drawings in which the lines are very near to each other,” according to his patent.
  4. March 10, 1876 – Alexander Graham Bell achieved the first successful bi-directional phone conversation with the words “Mr. Watson, come here; I want to see you.”
  5. March 2016 – CalTech Researchers announced an advancement toward silicon-based life at the semi annual meeting of the American Chemical Society, through the development of a bacterial enzyme that efficiently incorporates silicon into simple hydrocarbons.


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