Why Choose NorthBridge

Why NorthBridge?

In order to maximize your funding opportunities, there are a few points to consider when looking at incentive programs. Direct (grants and loans) and indirect (tax credits) funding offer distinct advantages and have specific eligibility criteria.

In other words, government grants or loans could off-set one another or reduce your tax credit refunds as the government wants to avoid any "double dipping" of overlapping project costs. It is important to know how various programs interconnect with each other to ensure you maximize your funding potential and how they should be incorporated into your overall financing plan to support growth initiatives.

  • We have been assisting companies access government funding for over 25 years.
  • We have the scale, infrastructure and resources to assist companies in all industries and sizes.
  • We will increase awareness on various federal and provincial government funding programs available to businesses in Canada.
  • We will help navigate through the complex government funding system and increase the chances of success and funding results.
  • We will optimize government funding opportunities by matching various tax credits, grants and loans against the financing needs and company situation (i.e., type of company, industry sector, size, location, etc.).
  • Our professionals will take a team-based approach to obtain the financing required to execute growth and R&D plans.
  • We address the need in the marketplace of companies having little to no understanding of government funding programs and how they interact with each other.
  • We will provide the resources and expertise in order to access government funding and allow companies to focus on their business.

NorthBridge Quarterly Newsletter

NorthBridge distributes a quarterly newsletter by e-mail, which addresses the latest industry news and events pertaining to Canadian business, corporate finance, and government funding. You can sign-up for our newsletter here.

Our current issue focuses on how to best utilize funding programs that are available to small and medium sized enterprises to help achieve your business' goals, how to improve your company's innovation, and ways on how to offset a bit of the cost from hiring new workers.