Management Team

Management Team

Sol Algranti

Sol Algranti, CEO

Sol is an accomplished entrepreneur, operator and investor with more than 40 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, operations and business services. He has successfully acquired, grown and exited numerous manufacturing companies, mainly in the plastics sector.

Sol is President and CEO of NorthBridge Consultants, one of the largest independent government funding consulting firms in Canada and also the CEO of NorthSpring Capital Partners, which is one of the few merchant banks in Ontario investing up to $1 million of risk capital in privately held businesses in Canada. His diverse experience gives him a unique insight into all aspects of business necessary to achieve growth and success. Sol is a Mechanical Engineer and earned his Master of Science degree in "Manufacturing and Systems Engineering" from the University of Saltford in England.

Gerry Fung

Gerry Fung, Vice President of Business Services

Gerry is a Professional Engineer with a CPA, CMA designation who has been involved with the SR&ED program since 2003. Gerry holds a B.Sc.E., (Computer/Electrical) from Queen’s University, a M.A.Sc. (Biomedical Engineering) from the University of Toronto, and a MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University. Gerry's practice at NorthBridge focuses on advising companies how to access government funding programs in order to finance projects for innovation and growth.

Jen Mahon

Jen Mahon, Vice President of Operations

Jen has been with Northbridge Consultants for over ten years. She holds a B.Eng in Materials Engineering and a M.Eng in Chemical Engineering, both from McMaster University. Jen began as an Account Manager at Northbridge in 2007. Her knowledge and expertise in leadership, engineering, and SR&ED claims are integral to the success of our firm.

Tina Jeske

Tina Jeske, Office and Financial Manager

Tina has been working with NorthBridge Consultants since November 2006. She graduated in 2005 with a business diploma from Conestoga College. As our Office & Financial Manager, Tina is involved in all aspects of the company ranging from customer service to claim submission and accounting. Throughout Tina’s time at the company she has played an integral role in the daily operations of NorthBridge. Her main responsibilities include preparing financial submissions for all SR&ED claims along with addressing questions from clients to ensure proper filing of SR&ED related documents.

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