Employee Spotlight- Jesse Allin

Jesse Allin joined the NorthBridge engineering team in December 2015 and has since become a key member of our staff. As an SR&ED Specialist, Jesse consults with clients to help them identify eligible Scientific Research and Experimental Development projects and… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Yael Algranti

Since joining our Client Management team last November, Yael Algranti has played an essential role in serving new and existing NorthBridge clients in Ontario and Western Canada. ¬†Of all the aspects of her job, Yael most enjoys working with and… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Tina Zhou

Tina Zhou joined the NorthBridge engineering department last December and quickly became an integral part of our team. As an SR&ED Specialist, her role involves meeting with clients to discuss their development work and examining their technical documentation in order… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Andrew Ramos

Andrew Ramos joined NorthBridge Consultants last August and has since become an integral part of our team. As a technical writer specializing in grant submissions, he works closely with clients to prepare and compose grant applications for capital purchases, employee… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Chloe Carloni

Chloe Carloni had joined our NorthBridge Technical Writing team in 2015 and is based on the West Coast in BC. As a Technical Writer, Chloe is responsible for composing SR&ED narratives and gathering and preparing all the necessary documentation required… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Denis Dinella

Denis Dinella has recently joined the NorthBridge team as a Lead Generation Specialist. He is enthusiastic and excited to be a part of the Sales and Marketing team. His role includes researching new companies, setting up meetings with potential clients,… Read more »

Employee Spotlight: Kyle Alkema

Back in March 2015, Kyle Alkema joined the technical writing team at NorthBridge. Since then, Kyle has become a major asset to the team as a technical writer, composing technical narratives and organizing supporting documentation for research and development projects… Read more »