Denis Dinella has recently joined the NorthBridge team as a Lead Generation Specialist. He is enthusiastic and excited to be a part of the Sales and Marketing team. His role includes researching new companies, setting up meetings with potential clients, managing current clients, and researching government funding programs.

His favourite part about the role is learning about companies that are investing in the development of new products and processes. He enjoys working alongside companies that are pioneers in their respective industries. He also enjoys the friendly atmosphere and open communication that exists in our office.

Denis was born in Germany and spent most of his childhood in the US, in Michigan. He and his family moved to Canada when he was 15. He recently received a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in Finance from McMaster University in Hamilton. In his spare time, Denis enjoys playing football, traveling, and fishing. His interests include investing in the stock market, learning how to code, and playing retro video games.