Montreal international symposium on climate change and green ICTs

Montreal recently hosted an international symposium focused on concepts of “green” information and communication technologies (ICT). Organized through the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU), this was the 7th Symposium combining ICTs, environment and climate change. The industry challenge to operate with… Read more »

Hacking Health could lead to health-care IT innovations

The Globe and Mail recently profiled a somewhat unorthodox approach, the “hacker way,” to jumpstarting the dinosaur system of Canadian healthcare IT.   The “Hacker Way” is a loose model for rapidly solving problems through intense “jam sessions” wherein programmers and developers… Read more »

A Major Player: Canada’s Video Game Sector

We’ve got our own tech hubs in Canada. Last year, Canada’s video game industry employed almost 16,000 people contributing $1.7 billion to economic activity, with an expected growth of 17% over the next two years according to the Entertainment Software… Read more »

Canada Leads G8 in Population Growth

According to the latest Canadian census results by Statistics Canada, Canada has shown strong and steady growth in every part of Canada and has reached a total population of 33.5 million.  An open approach to immigration is the major contributor… Read more »

Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

When it comes to renewable energy, there’s no doubt that this is one of the fastest growing energy markets currently in the world. And with good reason – our non-renewable resources are running out, while with renewable energy, we will… Read more »