Montreal recently hosted an international symposium focused on concepts of “green” information and communication technologies (ICT). Organized through the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU), this was the 7th Symposium combining ICTs, environment and climate change. The industry challenge to operate with improved efficiency was quantified as an annual savings of $800 billion, with the elimination of 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
“Québec has demonstrated great leadership in promoting renewable energy and green ICTs, which constitute a growth area, from both an environmental and an economic standpoint. We believe in the potential of green ICTs and are proud to host this major event that confirms the strategic role of Québec and Montréal in their development”, said Charles Despins, president of PROMPT, an organization supporting university-industry research and development partnerships within the ICT industry.
Through sessions included titles such as “Green ICT Opportunity,” “Greening ICT Infrastructures” and “E-Waste,” the symposium created a forum for stakeholders in interested where technology meets the environment and how technology affects the environment.
On the final day, a Montreal Declaration was produced and issued by the ITU with the primary goal of promoting ICTs as a key element in any climate change action plan. The event represented Canada as a leader in sustainable development initiatives. Clean technology is at the forefront of innovation in Canada; read more about research and development potential within the ICT industry.