The Canada Media Fund (CMF) announced the launch of a Digital Media Performance Measurement Framework on Monday, May 14. The framework was developed through consultation with industry stakeholders during workshop sessions in Toronto, and is designed to effectively measure the performance of digital media projects against the CMF criteria for their Convergent and Experimental Streams of funding. The framework is based on project classification and key performance indicator (KPI) metrics.

“This is a solid first step in establishing a unified approach to digital media performance measurement,” says Valerie Creighton, President and CEO.  “By working with a national advisory committee composed of 32 industry stakeholders from digital production, producers’ associations, broadcasters, and other funding bodies, the CMF was able to develop an effective and sustainable framework that will set a new standard of digital media reporting. We wish to thank all who have contributed their time, expertise and ideas to make this achievement possible.”

The CMF funds TV and digital media projects through two streams of funding. The Convergent Stream supports the development of convergent, multi-platform television and digital media content. Launched in 2010-2011, the Experimental Stream supports the development of interactive digital media content and software applications. The CMF delivers $375 in funding annually.

The Digital Media Performance Measurement Framework is a conceptual classification framework composed of layered dimensions as pictured.

Read more about the Digital Media Performance Measurement Framework  here. As digital media grows as an industry in Canada, it’s natural and necessary to begin to classify and quantify initiatives from a funding perspective.

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