One of our goals in business is always to increase both our productivity and the productivity of our team members. Here are ten tools that can be used to help with increasing productivity through our daily activities:

  1. Remember the Milk. This is one of my favourite online tools – I am a natural list maker, so an online application that allows me to create as many lists as I need, while allowing me to access them wherever I am, well! Due dates can be set, priorities made and tasks can be set to repeat as often as needed. Remember the Milk is a great tool to keep on-top of your To-Do list. link.
  2. Campaign Monitor. One of the best online tools to assist with sending online campaigns, newsletters, etc., to your clients. Campaign Monitor allows you to see stats of how many people opened your campaign, how long they read your campaign, what links they clicked in your campaign, and whether they forwarded it to a friend. link.
  3. Sharepoint Online. One of Microsoft’s online tools, Sharepoint allows you to access, modify, share and create new documents with other users, while still using the Microsoft Office suite (as opposed to an online document editor). link.
  4. Google. Google is so much more than just a search engine – there is Google Docs, that allows you to do document sharing; there is Google Calendar, where you can share you calendar with many people; Google Analytics helps you keep a tab on what is happening on your website (how many visitors you get, what keywords bring them there, etc). Google Alerts is one of my favourites, as you get an email whenever a website or blog on the Internet mentions any specified terms (for example, you could get an email whenever someone mentions your company’s name). link.
  5. YouSendIt. Those files that you need to send to a customer that are too large in size for your (and their) email server to handle? Instead of mailing them a disc with these files burned on to it, YouSendIt allows you to upload the file to their website, so you just have to send a link where they can download the file to the recipient. link.
  6. RescueTime. RescueTime is an online time management application that allows you to track and optimize the time you and your employees spend on each task they are faced with. link.
  7. Roboform. A lot of companies have password-protected areas of their websites for their clients. Roboform allows you to easily keep track of your username and password for each of those sites, and automatically fills in those forms with necessary information. link.
  8. Replace Text. This program allows you to search and replace strings of text from multiple files at the same time – a much faster way to accomplish this than going through every file that may have that string of text in order to search and replace that text! link.
  9. Evernote. Use this program to save your ideas, likes, dislikes, thoughts, etc, and access them again using any computer or mobile device. link.
  10. AutoHotkey. Hotkeys are keys on your keyboard that, when hit, will perform a specific action (such as “Ctrl+C” to copy text or images). AutoHotkey allows you to create your own hotkeys to help make processes you do faster. link.