Infographic: Holiday Email Habits

Xobni, a software developing company, did a survey on email behaviour during the holidays… and I have to say that personally, I find the results to be rather surprising. Sixty-eight percent of respondents (all US working adults) admitted to checking… Read more »

Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

When it comes to renewable energy, there’s no doubt that this is one of the fastest growing energy markets currently in the world. And with good reason – our non-renewable resources are running out, while with renewable energy, we will… Read more »

September Survey of Manufacturing

Yesterday, StatsCan released their Monthly Survey of Manufacturing for the month of September, and results are positive! For the third month in a row, sales increased – this time, they rose 2.6% to $49.2 billion. Highlights are as follows: Manufacturing… Read more »

October’s Job Numbers

In October, the unemployment rate rose 0.2 percentage points to a total of 7.3%, when employment declined by 54,000 full-time jobs. The manufacturing and construction industries saw the largest decline; employment fell in Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and PEI,… Read more »

Today, Stats Can released news on Canada’s GDP for August – for the third month in a row, our GDP has grown, this time rising 0.3%. This rising percentage was due to the energy sector, without which real GDP would… Read more »

10 Quick Tips: Holding Performance Reviews

Keep the review positive. While there may be some negative points to discuss, keeping the overall tone of the review positive will relieve a lot of possible tension after the review for the employee. Stick to a schedule. Whether it’s… Read more »

News In the Canadian Food Industry

There have been a couple of large items that have been happening in Canada’s food industry that I wanted to touch upon today. First of all, the federal government has decided to end the monopoly of the Canadian Wheat Board.… Read more »