Summer SR&ED activities

In a recent article, Ross Cooper of Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) discussed how the slow days of summer are ripe for SR&ED activities as companies are slowing or shutting down production and attending to pesky ongoing production, machinery and… Read more »

Ten Tools To Increase Your Productivity

One of our goals in business is always to increase both our productivity and the productivity of our team members. Here are ten tools that can be used to help with increasing productivity through our daily activities: Remember the Milk.… Read more »

Signs of a Recovering Economy

In the fourth quarter last year, Canadian labour productivity experience its largest gain since the first quarter of 1998 (1.4 per cent). As well, manufacturing sales were up 2.4 per cent in January – this was unexpected, as economists had… Read more »

10 Quick Tips to Beating Stress

There is a lot of pressure on people in businesses these days. The recession is making it a lot harder for some businesses to survive, and that can put A LOT of stress on the best of us. A little… Read more »

Top Ten Business Productivity Impediments

10. E-Mail, Texts, and Phone Calls These days it’s easier than ever to stay connected, especially when your e-mail is synched to your phone AND available on your computer. Every time you hear that notification, you simply just have to… Read more »