Soft Patch in Canadian Economy

Canadian job creation stalled in October, while the national unemployment rate held at 7.4%. Closer analysis of the data reveals that the western provinces have had lower-than-average rates of unemployment, compared to higher-than-average rates of unemployment in Ontario and the… Read more »

What’s wrong with RIM?

An aging smartphone line, an inability to break out of the corporate niche, and the lack of any new product innovation are widely perceived to be eroding RIM’s business and stagnating growth.  To achieve growth, many believed that RIM needed to… Read more »

Self-Employment on a Rise During Recession

Statistics Canada just released the results of a survey on self-employment in the recent recession – apparently there was an increase of people who are self-employed by over 4.3% between October 2008 and October 2009. Surprisingly, this is not solely… Read more »

Aerospace Sector Soars Above Economic Turmoil

The aerospace and defense industry is one of the few sectors in manufacturing that is currently not only surviving but thriving amid the recession, despite the grim predictions  for job losses and bankruptcies among other Canadian manufacturers, plummeting oil prices,… Read more »