Harper hints at R&D tax break overhaul

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is hinting that Ottawa will overhaul a $3.5-billion SR&ED program.  The recent Jenkins Report recommended that the SR&ED tax credit be made simpler and smaller.  Among suggested changes to the Scientific Research & Experimental Development program,… Read more »

Productivity is Innovation, Not Invention

On October 17, 2011, the federally appointed panel, chaired by Open Text chief strategy officer Tom Jenkins, released an assessment of the government’s $7-billion in annual investment in “business R&D”. The report recommended significant changes to the incentive programs and… Read more »

What’s wrong with RIM?

An aging smartphone line, an inability to break out of the corporate niche, and the lack of any new product innovation are widely perceived to be eroding RIM’s business and stagnating growth.  To achieve growth, many believed that RIM needed to… Read more »

Economist Scales Back Dread Meter

Things may seem bleak at the present; however, the Canadian economy will eventually recover.  Dungan and Steve Murphy at the Policy and Economic Analysis Program expect that the Canadian governnment will run deficits for a few years and they urge Ottawa not to repeat… Read more »