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For: High-growth Southwestern or Eastern Ontario-based companies looking to grow, improve productivity, invest in innovation and skills development and expand into new markets

SWODF and EODF provide loans for projects that aim to improve a company’s competitiveness, productivity, pursue new markets or expand the business through the introduction of new products or services. The Business projects stream is aimed at high-growth companies with at least three years of substantial operating experience, and at least 10 employees, or 5 for businesses located in rural areas. Loans of up to $5 million are available through the program, with grants provided under certain circumstances.  

Applications to the next intake for Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF) / Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) will be accepted until June September 17, 2024.

For: BC-based Agricultural producers looking to improve the climate change resiliency in water infrastructure

The Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC (IAF) supports BC’s agricultural sector through several different funding programs. IAF’s Agriculture Water Infrastructure Program (AWP) aims to maximize available water for agricultural uses, increase agricultural production with additional water infrastructure, and protect agricultural land from flooding.

Full applications to the Agriculture Water Infrastructure Program are due by August 8, 2024.

For: Ontario-based automotive SMEs looking to develop innovative solutions to urban mobility challenges

The Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) provides support to the automotive and mobility sector through programming geared towards small and medium sizes enterprises. The OVIN Technology Pilot Zone provides SMEs with test sites and funding to pilot new technologies related to addressing urban mobility challenges. Up to 50% of pilot project costs can be covered through the program, for technologies with TRLs between 7-9.

Applications to the OVIN Technology Pilot Zone will be accepted until September 15, 2024.

For: Canadian companies looking to develop innovative technologies to address different challenges

The Canadian Safety and Security Program (CSSP) has launched eight science and technology challenges to improve public safety and security capabilities in Canada. Challenges include Wildfire intelligence, Building stronger communities, Biometrics, Border security and domain awareness, Navigating the future, Technologies for detection and identification of threat materials, Responding to neglected, emerging, and re-emerging disease, and Identifying and mitigating risks of small modular reactors.

Applications to the Canadian Safety and Security Program challenges are due by September 18, 2024.  

For: Quebec-based collaborators looking to reduce GHG emissions

INNOV-R provides support to companies contributing to innovative GHG emission reduction technologies and practices in Quebec. Projects must involve at least one company collaborating with at least one academic partner. Eligible applicants can receive up to $1.5 million over three years.

Letters of Intent to the upcoming intake for INNOV-R will be accepted until September 9, 2024.

For: BC-based companies looking to develop wildfire prevention innovations

The B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE) funds the commercial development and scaleup of BC-based clean energy solutions. The Wildfire Tech Innovation program aims to address escalating wildfires frequency, size and intensity in BC through encouraging advanced wildfire management. Projects with a TRL between 4-9 may be eligible for up to $3 million in funding.

EOIs to CICE Wildfire Tech Innovation are due by August 7, 2024.

For: Indigenous companies looking to conduct IP-related activities

The Indigenous Intellectual Property Program provides support to Indigenous organizations through funding for travel costs related to the World Intellectual Property Organization; short-term IP related activities; and more complex IP-related projects. Grants are available to eligible Indigenous organizations.

Applications to the Indigenous Intellectual Property Program are due by August 12, 2024.

For: Canadian film, television, or digital media companies looking to work on the conceptualization stage of a digital media or application software project

The Canada Media Fund offers funding through the Conceptualization Program for companies on the conceptualization stage for digital media content or application software. Small grants are available to cover the costs of content research and preparation, third-party acquisition of option rights, legal fees, market research, administrative expenses, and more.

Applications to Canada Media Fund’s Conceptualization Program are due by October 29, 2024.