Initially developed to better support the agriculture and agri-food industries through streamlined programming, the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) will be closing on March 31, 2023, after five years of investments in agricultural innovation. With programs focusing on expanding markets, innovative growth, and diversity, CAP invested $3 billion in the policy framework.   

To replace CAP, a new $3.5-billion Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (SCAP) framework has been formed by the federal, provincial, and territorial (FPT) Ministers of Agriculture, to be in effect from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2028. SCAP will contribute to Canada’s global competitiveness in sustainable agriculture and agri-food production by addressing the priorities of the Guelph Statement, which include research and innovation, sustainability, sector growth, market development, and enhanced resiliency.

Currently existing programs under CAP will be renewed and improved, with the potential for the establishment of new streams, including a $250-million Resilient Agricultural Landscape Program (RALP) to support ecological goods and services in the agriculture sector. Significant industry concerns, including high input costs, labour shortages, and supply chain shortages, will also be addressed through new programming, and provinces will have the opportunity to launch pilot programs in relation to improved business risk management.

The new framework will aim to improve results reporting through data sharing and the identification of common, measurable outcomes, including a 3-5 megatonne reduction in GHG emissions, $250 billion in sector revenues and $95 billion in export revenues by 2028, and increased participation of underrepresented groups. In order to maintain the continuity of the existing CAP program, consultations with industry will be undertaken throughout 2023 to inform programming decisions, and transitional assistance will be offered.

We will continue to provide updates as more information about SCAP becomes available, including program offerings, eligibility, and more. Follow us on social media to stay updated, or contact us to learn more about what funding programs your business is eligible for.

To provide input on the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, share your ideas with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada by February 15, 2023.