Small to medium-sized enterprises in Ontario that are looking to develop export sales in foreign markets should take advantage of the Export Market Access (EMA) cost-sharing grant, a $5 million initiative jointly sponsored by the Ontario government and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

EMA will cover up to 50% of eligible costs in four specified areas: the development of branding-related materials, promotional materials, and electronic media; the bidding on foreign projects against foreign competition; market research done with the goal of providing more accurate international market targeting; and the participation in international trade shows, exhibits, or fairs supported by governments or other third-party entities.

Eligible companies must have 5 to 500 employees and have minimum annual sales of $500 000. Companies must also be manufacturers with an export mandate for goods and services currently produced in Ontario and have been in business for more than two years.

NorthBridge Consultants has experience with the EMA process and will provide the necessary guidance for your application. Our team of business analysts and technical writers can assist with the completion of application information, the preparation of financial information, the creation of business plans and market access reports, and the required reporting after application submission.