Good news for our Natural Gas industry: according to the Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas, Canada has enough Natural Gas to power Canada for a whole century. The Society completed a new survey that states that there is 4,000 trillion cubic feet of natural gases buried in Canada. Of the 4,000 trillion cubic feet, it is believed that 700-1,300 trillion cubic feet can be brought to the surface and sold.

While the shale reserves have brought a lot of interest in the past – with some people stating that the shale reserves could help prevent Russia and the Persian Gulf from dictating gas prices (Source) – it turns out that only 128-343 trillion cubic feet of gas will actually come from the shale reservoirs.

The Natural Gas industry is urging the transportation and electricity industries to switch to natural gases, which could lead to some interesting new developments in technologies as companies need to modify their processes and products to adjust to this change.