Eligible sub-sectors include

  • Energy generation
  • Energy distribution
  • Smart grids
  • Power line communications

In 2009, the Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution sector contributed $24.5 billion to Canada’s GDP.

Many companies in this industry do not believe that they are eligible for Canada’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program – in the past, there has been a misconception about whether this industry could qualify as companies in this industry are paying PILTS (payments in lieu of taxes). After much investigation, we have discovered that these companies in fact do qualify for the SR&ED program if they are developing or improving new technologies and processes.

The SR&ED program is highly beneficial for companies performing any sort of experimentation work, where systematic investigation is conducted to overcome a technological obstacle that is being faced – this experimental work can be conducted on both products and processes that are being used and/or developed.

You May Be Eligible If:

  • You have made any upgrades to your power grid
  • You have built or upgraded existing transformers or distribution stations
  • You have worked on any renewable energy or conservation projects
  • You have worked on power line communications
  • You have developed or integrated any in-house software

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