U.S. Announces National Bioeconomy Blueprint

The biotechnology sector has been eagerly awaiting the announcement of a national bioeconomy plan by the Obama administration that is expected to be released today.  The White House blueprint intends to spur development of renewable resources such as crops and… Read more »

Canada gets D for innovation

The Conference Board of Canada issued a report on Tuesday on the state of Canada’s innovative abilities. Unfortunately, although we have the world’s best R&D funding program, we do not seem to rank very well on the global scale of… Read more »

What about failed projects?

We often tell people that failed projects are embraced by the SRED program, and sometimes it can be a little hard to understand exactly why. I mean, isn’t the program meant to promote innovation, and to encourage technological development? If… Read more »

What Work Qualifies for SR&ED

When deciding whether to gather sr&ed information and make a sr&ed claim many companies often wonder what types of work qualifies for sr&ed tax credits. A sr&ed project is defined by the Canadian Revenue Agency as “a set of interrelated… Read more »

Manufacturing News

B&W Canada gets contract for 8 replacement steam generators for Bruce Nuclear Power Plant. Goodyear to open Retread Plant. Trend in construction, mining, forestry 7 recycling industries have prompted Goodyear Canada Inc to open a plant in North Bay, On… Read more »