SR&ED – Essential To Canadian Manufacturers

The current economic recession has proven to hit even harder than many economists anticipated. An estimated 129,000 Canadians lost their jobs in January alone, of which Statistics Canada reports that Ontario workers lost a staggering 71,000. Alberta, once a thriving,… Read more »

CRA Reviews: Ensuring Claim Approval

In 2008, quite a number of changes took place regarding the SR&ED program.  For one, the CRA hired a slew of auditors for SR&ED, increasing the likelihood that a technical and financial reviews will take place, no matter how solid… Read more »

Look For Alternative Forms of Financing

The cost of borrowing money just went up. Unlike their US counterparts, Canadian banks that held positions in high-risk US mortgages will likely not receive a bail-out package.  The net impact of the mortgage crisis is that Canadian banks will… Read more »