SR&ED & foreign-owned companies

Canadian companies definitely have an advantage when it comes to research and development tax credits. Canada is rated among the Top G20 countries when it comes to Research and Development. The government encourages Canadian companies to do their research in… Read more »

Company: No time to take time!

An article was brought to my attention by one of my colleagues that I think makes plenty of sense. The Globe And Mail recently wrote an article called Information-rich and attention poor, on how we as a society have an… Read more »

Why do you need an SR&ED Consultant?

Nortel is in the news again! A giant in the IT Industry and Canada’s one time largest employer have been force to sell off it’s assets due to bankruptcy. This time it is their wireless network infrastructure to Nokia Siemens… Read more »

What Work Qualifies for SR&ED

When deciding whether to gather sr&ed information and make a sr&ed claim many companies often wonder what types of work qualifies for sr&ed tax credits. A sr&ed project is defined by the Canadian Revenue Agency as “a set of interrelated… Read more »

Effort Vs Return

From the Ask an Expert Mailbag! The question, are SR&ED Tax Credits worth the effort you put into them? Here we try to answer that all important question. Preparing a sred claim can be a time consuming process requiring the… Read more »

Manufacturing News

B&W Canada gets contract for 8 replacement steam generators for Bruce Nuclear Power Plant. Goodyear to open Retread Plant. Trend in construction, mining, forestry 7 recycling industries have prompted Goodyear Canada Inc to open a plant in North Bay, On… Read more »

Concerned with economy

This week we are looking at our “Ask an Expert” Mail bag! We have been noticing questions like this one. So here is our response! Gas prices are up and I can’t justify spending more money on developing a new… Read more »

Communication Breakdown

The reason many relationships personal and professional can fail is due to a breakdown in communication. The line of communication you choose to get your message across to potential customers is vital. Unlike other traditional methods of communication like telephone,… Read more »

More for the case of SR&ED

As of June 27, 2006 the federal government announced it has put more on the case! The case of course is the SR&ED Tax Credit Program. Federal Budget Commitments have increased funding for the programs capacity and level of service… Read more »