Bank of Canada Presents Strategy to Boost Economy

In its most recent monetary policy report, the Bank of Canada presented possible means to strengthen the currently feeble Canadian economy. The central bank did not offer any solid dedications, but said it could choose to pursue more “unconventional” avenues,… Read more »

Aerospace Sector Soars Above Economic Turmoil

The aerospace and defense industry is one of the few sectors in manufacturing that is currently not only surviving but thriving amid the recession, despite the grim predictions  for job losses and bankruptcies among other Canadian manufacturers, plummeting oil prices,… Read more »

Ontario Provincial 2009 Budget

The proposed 2009 Ontario provincial budget, released March 26th, 2009, puts forward new tax measures intended to build on the government’s “5 point” economic plan. Understandably there is much controversy about the spending plans, and many Ontarians are expressing concern… Read more »

Top Ten Business Productivity Impediments

10. E-Mail, Texts, and Phone Calls These days it’s easier than ever to stay connected, especially when your e-mail is synched to your phone AND available on your computer. Every time you hear that notification, you simply just have to… Read more »

EI and Bankruptcy Filings Dramatically Increasing

The number of Canadians filing for bankruptcy and unemployment benefits rose significantly in January, according to new numbers released Tuesday by The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada. More than 117,000 Canadians filed for bankruptcy over the period of… Read more »

SR&ED – Essential To Canadian Manufacturers

The current economic recession has proven to hit even harder than many economists anticipated. An estimated 129,000 Canadians lost their jobs in January alone, of which Statistics Canada reports that Ontario workers lost a staggering 71,000. Alberta, once a thriving,… Read more »