FluidAI Medical, a Canadian MedTech startup with a focus in early detection of postoperative leaks, has received significant financial support from the Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Competitiveness (AMIC) stream of the Regional Development Program.

FluidAI’s proprietary Stream Platform continuously analyzes postoperative wound drainage to facilitate early intervention (up to 80% sooner) and improved care. The Origin Sensor Platform uses pH and electrical conductivity sensors to analyze post-surgical fluid in real time, while the AI-enabled Delta Monitor interprets the data provided by the Origin Sensor.

Founded in 2014 by University of Waterloo graduates, the company is part of the investment portfolio of NorthBridge’s sister company, NorthSpring Capital Partners, and will use the $1.4 million in funding to create several dozen new job opportunities and develop an automated assembly line.

The company recently closed $15M in series A funding in late October and has collaborated with Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for digital technologies to boost innovation in AI-powered continuous monitoring solutions in healthcare.

Congratulations to FluidAI Medical on this achievement!