Recently, Canada announced the formation of the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP), to replace the existing Canadian Agricultural Partnership and contribute to advancing Canada’s agricultural sector. As a $3.5 billion framework with numerous program offerings available, companies and organizations in the agricultural technology ecosystem will have the chance to work on innovative projects, expand markets, support sustainability goals, and improve business risk management.

Join NorthBridge Consultants at our upcoming webinar to learn more about Sustainable CAP, discover other opportunities available to start-ups and SMEs in the agri-tech space, and develop strategies to leverage government funding and address common issues encountered when accessing funding.  

Who should attend?

Canadian start-ups and SMEs in the agri-tech sector looking to learn more about current and upcoming government funding programs.




April 25, 2023


Chloe Carloni is the Director, Special Funding / Strategic Growth for NorthBridge Consultants. She has over seven years experience with NorthBridge, helping companies access government funding to achieve their business goals. Originally managing clients in Western Canada, her client portfolio is now Canada-wide, reaching businesses from BC to Quebec. She leverages her engineering background to work with companies in the agri-tech sector identify and apply for funding opportunities.

Liat Algranti works on Client Engagement and Growth Funding for NorthBridge Consultants. Liat has over 2 years of experience with NorthBridge Consultants, identifying and evaluating companies that require government funding assistance. She also works on organizing sector specific campaigns while also managing NorthBridge’s social media accounts. Liat additionally is a point of contact for many agri-tech start-ups and businesses, having preliminary calls with companies to help them gain helpful information on our government funding services.

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