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For Clean Technology Projects in the Agricultural Sector

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Agricultural Clean Technology (ACT) Program

The new ACT program supports the development or adoption of clean technology in Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector. The program is divided into two streams: the Research and Innovation (R&I) Stream, and the Adoption Stream. The R&I stream will provide funding for pre-market clean technology innovations, while the Adoption stream will support the adoption of commercially available clean technologies and processes. Both streams will prioritize projects that show promise to considerably advance reductions in GHG emissions through green energy technology, precision agriculture, or bioeconomy solutions. A total of $150M in program funding ($100M for the Adoption stream and $50M for the R&I stream) is available over the next 5-7 years.

Applications to the ACT Program are accepted on an ongoing basis until all funding has been allocated.

For Canadian Companies in the Forest Sector

Investments in Forest Industry Transformation (IFIT)

The IFIT program supports projects in the Canadian forest sector by de-risking the implementation of innovative technologies. The program has two streams: the Capital Investments stream and the Studies stream.

The Capital Investments stream will support capital investment in projects that represent an innovative advancement of a technology or process integrated within existing industrial processes in the forest sector, and are based on wood fibre.  Under the current call for proposals, the program will focus on the following target innovation categories: advanced biomaterials and biochemicals, pulp and paper diversification, next generation building products, or liquid/gaseous biofuels.

Under the Studies stream, funding will be provided to complete studies that are linked to the advancement of innovation in the forest sector.  The studies must support one of the following: 1) initial investment for technologies, processes, product trials or market assessments, 2) eventual demonstration or commercialization of innovative technology or product, or 3) advancement of the innovation to full commercialization.

Intake for the IFIT Capital Investment stream is currently open until July 22, 2021. The Studies stream will be accepting applications on a continuous basis until all funds have been allocated.

For BC Food Processors

B.C. Lean for Food Processors Program

The B.C. Lean for Food Processors Program supports processors with projects that help businesses make more informed decisions, optimize operating procedures, improve production capacity, labour productivity and strengthen their business. The program will provide up to $7,000 to hire a Qualified Business Consultant for R&D, Inventory Management, QA, Production Process Analysis, Marketing, Staff Training, Food Safety Protocols and Re-tooling.

The deadline to apply for the B.C. Lean for Food Processors Program funding is July 9, 2021.

For Alberta Food and Bio-Industrial Processors

Canadian Agricultural Partnership Alberta – Value-Added Program

The aim of this program is to support growth in Alberta’s food and bio-industrial processing sector by creating jobs and enabling business growth through increased sales and market expansion. The program will fund processing capacity expansion projects, food safety improvement projects, new product and new process development, as well as market development and access.

Applications for the Value-Added program are due July 12, 2021.

For Alberta Primary Producers

Canadian Agricultural Partnership Alberta – Farm Technology Program

This program is in place to support the adoption of innovative technology that reduce agricultural waste, optimize farm efficiency, and encourages the adoption of best management practices in farm security. 

Intake for the Farm Technology program is open as of June 18, 2021 and will accept applications on a rolling basis until all funds are allocated.