A warm congratulations to the ten innovative Canadian companies selected as finalists for the Momentum Technology Startup Pitch Competition, targeting the advanced manufacturing, energy, and mining sectors. Please wish them luck as they pitch in the virtual event this Friday, to a panel of judges, for prizes totaling $55 thousand in cash and in-kind services.

This event will feature opening remarks from keynote speakers, Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development and Anthony Rota, Member of Parliament.

The Momentum Pitch Competition was launched in 2020 by a group of start-up angel investors, venture capitalists, and start-up advisors to help to connect investors and government with early-stage Canadian technology startups in emerging technology sectors.

Pitching companies:

Amirreza Amighi – CEO
Mazlite offers an industrial optimization platform targeting sprays and powders in manufacturing. Mazlite’s cloud-based platform combines a unique Industrial IoT sensor for direct measurement, custom software with real-time analytics/AI, and an end-to-end cloud data management system. Through their service, Mazlite provides a complete solution to improve spray processes in manufacturing.

Training Works
Tamara Vatcher – Partner
The Artificial Intelligence Driven Microlearner (AIM) seeks to revolutionize safety training across organizations in industries where safety incidents and accidents could have catastrophic impacts on both individuals and the environment. Through data collection and machine learning applications, AIM will determine the behavior patterns which exist prior to a safety incident or accident and work to proactively deliver learning content to individuals in high-risk positions.

CERT Systems
Alex Ip – Co-founder
CERT is a carbontech company that provides technology to convert CO2 emissions into base chemicals using only water and electricity. Industrial manufacturing generates significant greenhouse gas emissions. While incoming regulations will require incumbents to reduce their emissions, there are few solutions that enable deep decarbonization. Existing processes require burning of fuels as an energy source, resulting in large CO2 emissions.

Alex Chen – President and CEO
QuantWave aims to improve the quality of industrial manufacturing processes and finished products, minimize the capital and operational costs as well as to provide optimal decision-making tools by developing a real-time, AI-powered, multi-parameter intelligent sensing system. QuantWave’s novel sensing system integrates microfluidics, high-frequency microwave and machine learning technologies to monitor manufacturing processes of liquid products by capturing unique liquid fingerprint.

Dr. Mike Dixon- CEO
Synauta’s solution applies Machine Learning for water treatment processes to save OPEX. Operators have no time to optimize water treatment plants as they are more concerned with making enough water of the right quality. They are busy fixing pumps and pipes on-site and have very little interest in lengthy math calculations. This means that water treatment plants will spend more than they need to on energy and chemicals. Synauta’s patent-pending technology is designed to help operators produce the right quantity and quality of water, without the distraction or headaches of lengthy calculations.

Shahrukh Shamin – CEO and Co-Founder
EnviCore’s product is a technology license that will offer clients in the hard rock and oil sands mining sector tailored incorporation of the tailings/wastewater treatment process into their existing treatment facilities. The consecutive process operations needed for the treatment are a series of mixing steps where EnviCore’s additives are introduced and the high mixing intensity conditioning is performed. As such, the treatment is designed to be easily retrofitted into the clients’ existing processes streams and can be easily optimized to achieve KPIs set by the clients. Upon treatment, strong sediment is developed within approximately a week, leaving enough time for material transportation around the client’s site.

Nanode Battery
Bing Cao – CEO
Nanode is focused on the design and production of high performance anodes for lithium and sodium ion batteries. The world needs high performance batteries for electric vehicles, portable electronics, and to provide energy storage for intermittent renewable energy resources. Graphite as conventional anode material can’t satisfy those needs, new material and technologies are in demand. Nanode produces a metal alloy anode that has higher energy storage capacity, simpler one-step preparation method, and shorter manufacturing time than traditional anodes.

Khaled Boqaileh – CEO
LabsCubed enables the creation of new and innovative materials through automated test equipment, innovative data management software and machine learning algorithms. LabsCubed created a material testing system from the ground up that seamlessly combines fully automated hardware and smart software. Their system autonomously tests samples, collects data, analyzes it, and allows users to see the results on any computer. This speeds up the development process, increases accuracy, eliminates human error and greatly reduces labour.

Meta Innovation Technologies
Dr. Ellie Ardakani – Co-Founder and CEO
Besides AI augmented analytics products, Meta Innovation Technologies offers the first simulation-based digital learning & development platform of its kind (MetaKinetic) built for Energy and Mining technical managers and their teams to power intuitive learning, hands-on practice, and skills maintenance from anywhere a anytime. MetaKinetic is an enterprise software solution (B2B) with geoscientists and subsurface engineers as end-users.

Hyperion Global Energy
Heather Ward – Co-Founder and President
Hyperion develops drop-in CO2 utilization technology for industrial greenhouse gas emitters. The solution works ‘in Tandem’ with virtually any industrial smokestack, and uses proven technology and off-the-shelf components to capture & recycle waste CO2. Their system allows host sites to reduce their carbon footprint – while at the same time creating profitable new revenue streams and highly sought after mineral feedstock commodities.