The new Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) was announced in February 2018 and was launched on April 1 2018. CAP is a five-year, $3 billion, federal-provincial-territorial agreement that will replace Growing Forward 2 (GF2).

CAP will focus on three key areas:

  • Growing trade and expanding markets – $297 million.
    • Includes AgriMarketing ($121M) and AgriCompetitiveness ($20.5M).
  • Innovative and sustainable growth in the sector – $690 million.
    • Includes AgriScience ($338M) and AgriInnovate ($128M).
  • Supporting diversity and a dynamic, evolving sector – $166.5 million.
    • Includes AgriDiversity ($5M) and AgriAssurance ($74M).

Application forms and guides for federal programs under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership are now available. Applicants are encouraged to apply early!

The government is also in the process of developing bilateral agreements for CAP federal/provincial cost-shared programs for each province. The provincial programs will be cost-shared on a 60:40 basis and administered by provinces and territories

Further information is now available about for the following provincial programs: Note: links will be added  once provincial/territorial bilateral agreements have been announced.

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Canadian Agricultural Partnership: Innovate. Grow. Prosper.