October 13, 2014 – At Nanyang Technological University, researchers developed a gel titanium dioxide battery with a 20-year lifespan plus the capacity to recharge the battery up to 70% within two minutes.

October 23, 2001 – The first generation iPod, now known as the iPod Classic, was made commercially available. It had a 5 GB hard drive, which translates to approximately 1,000 songs.

October 4, 1957 – The first man-made satellite, named Sputnik and developed by the Soviet Union, was launched into orbit.  This event kick started the Space Age.

October 3, 1952 – John T. Mullin at Bing Crosby Enterprises, Inc., recorded the first black and white video that used magnetic tape.

October 3, 1950 – Later to be integrated with second generation computers, Shockley, Brattain, and Bardeen received a patent for the transistor, which was developed in order to replace energy-wasting vacuum tubes.

October 10, 1933 – A significant enhancement in the elasticity of naturally hard polymers, Waldo Semon patented his process to create elastomeric polyvinyl chloride using vinyl halides.

October 1, 1908 – A momentous day in the history of automobile production, as the everyday, non-luxury Model T Ford was produced for the first time.

October 2, 1866 – Without this invention, our ability to open a can of sardines would be a challenge. In New York City, J. Osterhoudt patented a tin can that came with an attached key opener.

October 7, 1806 – Ralph Wedgwood patented the first carbon paper, an invention that was developed when he was attempting to build a writing apparatus that could be used by people with vision impairments.

October 2, 1608 – A German-Dutch eyeglass maker named Hans Lippershey went to the States General of the Netherlands and impressed them with his invention of the first refracting telescope. This was the first time that the development of a telescope was documented.