Digital media professionals do more than create software and content that entertain the masses. They also play a big part in helping medical professionals work together to improve patient care and save lives. On October 14, Interactive Ontario is hosting Interact: Hacking Healthcare in Toronto. This two-hour event from 6-8 p.m. is for digital media professionals who want to gain more knowledge on new opportunities relative to digital media innovations in the health care industry. In addition to networking, presentations will be delivered on DementiaHack as well as on obstacles in design that are affecting medical technology innovation in Canada.

Another event hosted by Interactive Ontario on October 14 is iLunch 14.7 – Rights Clearances and Insurance for Digital Content. This session will help professionals better understand the legal and insurance intricacies of clearing digital media content in Canada, including Errors & Omissions insurance coverage. The doors open at noon.

Interactive Ontario helps boost the interactive digital media industry in Canada. This not-for-profit association helps hundreds of companies in this industry by offering informative events, government advocacy, and opportunities relative to business development and partnerships. These companies develop a plethora of technology innovations, such as eLearning and virtual reality, which can be eligible for funding through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program.