As the second 2015 intake period of applications for Growing Forward 2 approaches, this is a prime opportunity for companies in the Canadian agri-food and agri-products sector to identify eligible projects that may qualify for cost-share funding.

Producers and processors will be able to submit applications for funding from August 10 to August 27 (with the next round coming in November). Applications must be submitted and approved before costs can be incurred and paid.

Growing Forward 2 is a national-provincial initiative providing cost-share funding assistance of up to $350,000 over five years to processors who are actively processing, modifying or transforming agricultural commodities, food, beverages or agricultural-based bio-products in Ontario.

Your company may be eligible for funding if the project is focused on innovation and it:

  • Will commence within 3 months of anticipated project approval
  • Falls within one of six areas of focus
  • Helps the industry achieve the following priorities:
    • Use best business and leadership practices
    • Use energy, water and other inputs efficiently
    • Be better able to adapt to climate change
    • Maximize labour productivity
    • Access new and emerging markets
    • Retain and expand existing markets
    • Market products that meet buyer demand through adoption of food safety, traceability or animal welfare assurance systems
    • Respond quickly and effectively to risk
    • Reduce key risks

Our business analysts and technical writers at NorthBridge Consultants look forward to working with you and your company to determine the full extent of project eligibility. NorthBridge can offload government funding from your staff, allowing you to focus on operations.