July 1, 1867, was a momentous day in Canadian history; it was the day the Dominion of Canada was born. With the official approval of the British North American Act and establishment of the Confederation, the nation was in its early stages of becoming united from sea to sea. Still in the nation’s infancy years (i.e., 1879), July 1st was recognized federally as a statutory holiday, originally known as Dominion Day. In 1982, the name of this holiday was changed to Canada Day.

Since the nation’s inception 148 years ago, citizens of this country have made significant scientific contributions, including in medicine and aerospace engineering; the Canadarm, anti-g suit, and Walkie-Talkie as well as insulin and sonar were discovered and invented by Canadians. To this day, Canadians from all walks of life continue to innovate and make this country and world a better place. From the entire NorthBridge team, we hope you all have an enjoyable long weekend!