NorthBridge engaged an Ontario food processor that was looking to invest in new ERP software for their manufacturing facility. The project included the purchase of the new software, the purchase of related technology and equipment, and employee training on the new software system. The purpose of the new ERP implementation was to increase efficiency, develop strict quality control, and reduce waste. The company was unaware of programs that helped fund employee training related to new technology implementation. They had previously claimed for R&D expenditures from the SR&ED program, but the SR&ED program does not cover training costs. Hence, NorthBridge was able to identify a training program that supported up to 50% of eligible project costs.

Our NorthBridge team worked with the company to prepare a business plan, and helped with the reporting requirements after the client was approved for the full funding amount that they had requested. The funding was directly invested in their training project and helped the company to realize new growth and success.