Congratulations- by reading this blog you fall into the 87% of Canadian enterprises that use the internet during the daily activities of your business. With such a high internet usage rate, why is it that in 2012 only 45% of Canadian businesses have websites?  Common reasons for  not having a website include:

– Doubt on how to utilize it,

– Unnecessary for the business, or

– Have not invested the time and resources to develop one.

These  are all valid issues, but in this information age, a website could be the clincher in closing key deals. StatsCan recently released the results of a survey examining the use of e-commerce and digital technology by private Canadian enterprises. According to the results of the survey, Canadian enterprises sold almost $122 billion of goods and services over the internet, which represents a 100% increase in online sales since 2007. The graph below shows the percentage of companies by sector that utilize an online presence for selling their goods or services in Canada.

Companies have been implementing various strategies to increase traffic to their websites through practices such as use of paid search methods (i.e. pay-per-click) and use of traditional print advertising methods to direct people to their website. Companies have even begun integrating social media into their websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In 2012, 33% of enterprises had integrated social media tools within their website.

Use of digital technology by Canadian enterprises has also been on a rise. More than half of Canadian enterprises use devices such as smartphones or tablets and over 86% of companies indicated that they acquired information and technology solutions for their business. The adoption of technology ensures Canadian companies remain competitive by linking technology to productivity and efficiency improvements.

There are several resources and funding initiatives available to companies to increase their use of technology. The Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program (DTAPP) is designed to speed the rate at which Canadian enterprises adopt digital technology and build digital skills. The grant of up to $100,000 will provide eligible companies access to a team of industrial technology advisors, who will be responsible for assisting companies with the technology adoption process which includes activities such as cost, benefit and risk analysis, organizational changes, training, and technology acquisition, adaption and implementation. The ICTC – Career Focus fund will provide compensation of up to $16,000 for companies to hire graduates in web design, interactive media and computer programming. Stay tuned for other funds that can assist your company become more technologically savy.